Journey of a T-Shirt in Indian Household


AUTION: The elite class Indians may not be able to relate to the below content.

1. The ‘VIP treatment’ phase: You have just bought the T-shirt and, well, you got to treat it with dignity! You only wear it for some special occasions. Maybe a date or a party!

2. The ‘Obvious choice’ phase: The T-Shirt starts losing its sheen and you start wearing it to your college/ casual outing with friends/ normal outings. You even insult it further by using it as a sport’s wear!

3. The ‘Night Wear’ phase: Now this T-Shirt is slowly moving to the bottom of your preference pyramid and you have officially ‘nighted’ this T-Shirt.

4. The ‘Salon’ phase: You have performed some ‘cloth attrition’ and found a new job for your once favorite T-Shirt. This job requires the worst candidates and the working conditions are tricky. The T-shirt becomes your first choice for the mandatory salon visit.

5. The ‘Holi’ phase: If the T-shirt is white, this particular career path was almost 99% defined!

6. The Mop phase: We reach the rock bottom of the pyramid where our beloved T-shirt has found a purpose. The purpose is to be useful until the last fabric!

There it is done! Complete ‘Paisa Wasool’! Long live the T-shirt!

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