JPUF peace protest march foiled by Police


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Amid the prevailing impasse over the Government formation in the state of Jammu & Kashmir and the conspicuous compromise by the BJP to incorporate all its promises and assurances in the CMP on which it has sought a mandate by the people of Jammu Pradesh in the recent Assembly elections for the sake of forging a ruling alliance with the PDP ,JPUF held a mammoth peaceful protest march led by Balwant Singh Mankotia, Ex-MLA and Convener of the front along with several leaders and hundreds of activists which was foiled by the police at Panjtirthi Chowk. The protest march was supposed to pass through the old city and culminate at Press Club Jammu. The leaders who were leading the protest were arrested by the police and were kept in the custody at police station Panjtirthi for a day and were released on bail bonds in the evening. The leaders included Balwant Singh Mankotia Convenor JUPF, Udey Chand, Krishan Manhas, Rajiv Mahajan, Pt. Rajesh Kesari, Rajesh Pargotra, Gagan Pratap Singh, Kailash Mohan Bonotra, Aditya Hans.

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Balwant Mankotia, said that it has been a landmark event in the political history of Jammu Pradesh that several organizations of Jammu Pradesh have assembled under one umbrella to fight for the cause of Jammu region. “ We respect and uphold the most coveted people’s aspiration of Chief Minister incumbent from Jammu region. It is a life time chance for the BJP with 25 MLA’s to form the government headed by the CM from Jammu region and if it does not happen then the people of Jammu would feel hoodwinked, cheated and humiliated”, he asserted.

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Mankotia reminded the media about the assurances given by the BJP before the Lok Sabha and the Assembly elections to accord Permanent Resident(State Subject) rights to the West Pak refugees and the rehabilitation of border residents.“ It is a sheer irony that some elements are opposing the permanent settlement of the West Pak refugees for their vested interests. We would like to see BJP rise on the occasion and impress upon incorporating their issue in the CMP on the first priority before forming the government .Besides this, the onetime settlement of POJK refugees of 1947,1965,1971 and the rehabilitation of the displaced border residents as promised in their (BJP) manifesto should also be considered in the CMP”, he maintained.

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Uday Chand, Core committee member & Spokesman JPUF said that the front shall act as a watchdog on the BJP’s stand while framing the CMP with the PDP. “We shall ensure that it(BJP) sticks to other core issues like non revocation of AFSPA for strengthening the security of the state and threadbare discussion on the article 370 while drafting the CMP on the basis of which they had sought the mandate of the people of Jammu region in the recently held Assembly elections”, he added.

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Krishan Manhas, Core committee member & Spokesman JPUF said that the BJP has sought the popular mandate from the electorate of Jammu Pradesh to fulfill their aspirations and it is a commendable victory of the people. “Both the BJP and the PDP are bound to respect the verdict of the people and in any case if BJP could not strike a balanced CMP with its ally , it should prefer to sit in the opposition and fight for the cause of the people and their aspirations”, he said.

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Rajiv Mahajan appealed to all the likeminded political parties, intellectuals forums, student organizations and business community to join and support the movement of JPUF so that the people of Jammu Pradesh are liberated from the socio-political discrimination once and for all. Gagan Pratap Singh, Coordination Secretary JPUF said that the front shall committ to uphold the mandate of the people of Jammu Pradesh at all costs and continue to fight on the streets until the justice is delivered to the people of Jammu.

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Other leaders who led the protest included Khajur Singh, Inderpal Singh, Robin Sharma, Amar Nath Kanathia, Anil Rakwal, Satvir Manhas, Pushvinder Singh Manhas, Vilakshan Singh, Rajesh Gondhi, Vinod Singh etc.

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