JTAC criticises government for failing to announce deadline of tourism projects


Jammu Tourism Action Committee
Notwithstanding the outcome of recent review meeting of Jammu mega projects chaired by Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah, the members of Jammu Tourism Action Committee (JTAC) has criticized the government for failing to declare completion dates of any ongoing projects.

In a statement issued by convener, Mr Inderjeet Khajuria, the JTCA said it was expecting a lot from this meeting as the government was expected to announce deadlines in the ongoing projects with sufficient allotment of funds. He further said in his statement, that it was highly expected that government will announce the date for laying of foundation stone of Multi Storey General Bus Stand with Inter State Bus Terminal for all routes as assured several times by Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Ministers and the then Vice Chairmen of the time.

It is pertinent to mention that presently Jammu tourism is facing financial crisis as the sustenance of the 5 lakh people is at stake but the government could not deliver any results, which is most unfortunate on the part of government.

It is hard to digest and shocking for everyone that what people of Jammu can expect from local ministers like Ajay Sadhotra, who disrespected senior and prominent citizens particularly who are working for the betterment of society and heading social, cultural, traders, transporters and others by not meeting them despite giving prior appointment. These people had gone to discuss about the outcome of review meeting headed by Chief Minister. He also requested all the ministers, MLAs, bureaucrats and other public functionaries to give due respect and regard to the social activists especially who are heading social organizations, as they are donating time and money for the cause of society.


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