VC calls for creating quality circles

 Jammu :- Creating quality circles amongst faculty members to discuss the research, publications and other academic activities  will help the young faculty to emulate those who are doing quality work and thus enrich their research area and thereafter this shall also boast their morale, said Vice-Chancellor Jammu University,Prof R D Sharma  while holding interaction  in  two rounds  with the Faculty members of various teaching departments of the University .Prof. R.D. Sharma said that the teachers especially younger faculty should emphasize on teaching, research,publication, extension and corporate life which will enhance not only their image but the image of the  institution as well. There are certain Departments which are doing very well in their research areas and the time has come that other departments should feel inspired and follow holistically. The faculty should also  at least try to go few times abroad on academic visits which will make them understand how to raise research to the international standards. Realizing their pivotal responsibility, the teachers have to strive hard for creating conducive academic atmosphere and become role models for students to emulate”, VC called upon the faculty to focus on getting research projects which will help in their growth and inspire students and scholars. Teachers should not borrow knowledge  from the books it should be original based on the research of the teacher.
Vice-chancellor said that there is no dearth of resources and funds fromvarious agencies . The Vice Chancellor stressed that each department should apply to UGC SAP DBT, DST, MoEF, GBPIHED,  CSIR, ,ICCR etc for grants under various programs. He advised that faculty members from all departments should send at least one research project for seeking funding.Teachers’ also have to be good managers.VC said the research and publications done must be shared with the different stake holders.Students is the true shadow the guide.It also need to be analysed why after short period of time students/Scholars starts protesting and even remaining away from classes manages to qualify examinations.This is the true reflection on the faculty that quality of syllabi/Course curriculum have not be revised/updated .The teachers should prepare model papers . Vice-chancellor answers the queries raised by the faculty members pertaining to their work, stagnations research handlings, digital library and UGC  capping  the API Score limits .

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