JUET’s official answer keys loaded with wrong answers


Jammu, June 14: Students who took the recent Jammu University are furious as the entrance test which was taken by almost 11,000 students for a total of 4,400 UG and PG seats has answers which would confuse even Shri Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma. The highest institution for education in Jammu has set up a question paper which would put many to shame.

On the one hand, almost every talk by every single eminent professor at any forum would highlight the need for improvement in the education system of our country and on the other, the highest institution in Jammu has made no effort to even check the kind of exam it set for aspirants who prepare for months to get an entry in the course of their choice.

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It is difficult to say if the setting up of a question paper marred with discrepancies was an outcome of pure laziness. The answer key, in any case was made without any concentration. After looking at just one section of the UG paper, one can safely arrive at the conclusion that all was not well with the exam and the answer key produced.

U4UVoice was approached by scores of students who pointed out the grave errors in the official Answer Key to the JUET 2016 published by the University of Jammu for students to verify the answers they gave to questions asked.

The biggest blunder is where the answer Key says Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma is a Sitar Player.

There would barely be anyone who would not know about the world famous Santoor-Vaadak Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma who belongs to Jammu. The Department of Academic affairs, however, wants everyone to believe that Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma is a Sitar player.

Let us bring to the table some questions which were outrageously answered by the key.

All these questions are from SET C in the UG Test

The quality of the pictures is bad and that is why we have detailed it out for you.

JUET Answer Key

Brother in Law Question 26 JUET UG JUET 26 Answer Key

Question 26 – Brother-in-laws is acceptable English to Jammu University. Some of us thought that Brothers-in-law was the correct English.

Answer is clearly (A) but the key says (C)


Q 31 JUET Key

Question 31 – Standard preposition use with look can be at, into, upto so and so forth. The answer should be looking at which is option C but The Academic affairs has decided to change the rules of English with the answer option (A) overlooking. The sentence itself has at and overlooking cannot use a preposition but the Academic affairs thinks otherwise.


Q 89 JUET Key

Question 89 – The answer is 10 but the key says 25.



Q 93 JUET Key


Question 93 – Find the odd one out

Now one look at that and you can see that a,b, and d are related to senses and C) Teeth is not, but the official answer key says A) Nose. Difficult to tell the computer to lock that. The computer might burn out with such wrong answers.

Honestly, there are so many more questions with wrong answers that we could go on and on picking out the errors. Also, keep in mind that this is just one section, there are answer errors for other sections too.

Another big issue is the presence of two viable answers for the same question. Ideally, you would not keep two very possible answers for the same question because your line of reasoning always can be contended. But there are multiple questions like that too.

We would point those out too but instead of showing the errors ourselves, the University Academic affairs should set up a committee to verify how they can set a test of such poor quality.

If we want stars shining at the University, we need to screen them in and not out in a test.