Just for Kicks – Evaluating former Revenue Minister’s toilets

Total Estimated Cost of One Fancy Toilet – Rs. 20 Lakhs

Gold Plated Commode – Rs. 5 Lakhs

Gold Plated rimmed Mirror – Rs. 1 Lakhs

Diamond coated Flush Handle – Rs. 2 Lakhs

Gold Coated Tap (Four) – Rs. 2 Lakhs

Diamond Tap Valves (Three) – Rs. 5 Lakhs

Expenses on Italian Tiles, special Paints, Bathing Tub etc – Rs. 5 Lakhs

Raman Bhalla's toilet

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One thought on “Just for Kicks – Evaluating former Revenue Minister’s toilets

  • July 16, 2015 at 8:23 pm

    This RAGS TO RICH story if probed through Judicial Commission headed by SC Justice,to probe during last 20 yrs such emergence of nawabs under the garb of politician and state government employees-Big,Small all to reveal,where India’s financial grants and aids disappeared.This bath room is just small gesture of democracy in J&K state,where one section enjoys govt charities and other Pak sponsored funds to raise the flag of AZADI.Only poor man has been target of all bias,prejudices and exploitations.


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