Kaladi- The authentic evening snack of Jammu

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The famous street food of Jammu, Kalari Kulcha can be seen in the menu list of road side vendors and the big eateries as well.

It is the product of hills of Jammu

Found in Jammu only, Kalari is an  authentic Dogra cheese. It was originated in the Ramnagar area of Udhampur District and is loved by almost all the foodies of Jammu.

Origin of Kalari Kulcha

Folklore says that Singh Restaurant in Udhampur started serving Kalari with Kulchas (buns) resulting in popularity of this snack.

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Trust me, there is nothing better than Kalari Kulcha and a cup of tea that can be eaten in Jammu during a rainy evening.

Also, you can eat it at almost every food stall or eatery you find in Jammu.

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