Kali Temple: Kali Ghat


Kali temple is dedicated to Hindi Goddess Kalika and is one of the most sacred pilgrimage destinations of India. The Kali Temple was (originally a small hut) was built in 1809.

Some interesting facts you must not be knowing about the temple:

  1. 1. Kalighat Templeis an ancient temple believed to have existed during the time of Chandragupta II, although the present structure is just 200 years old.
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  3.  The original temple was a small hut-shaped structure built by Raja Mansingh in the 16th century. The present structure was completed sometime in 1809 by Raja Basant Roy of the Sabarna Roy Chowdhury clan of Barisha – who offered 595 Bighas of land to the temple deity.

     3. Unlike other Kali idols across India, the goddess in Kalighat has a golden tongue and 4 golden hands. Two of her          hands are holding a scimitar (representing Divine Knowledge) and the severed head of Shumbha – the demon                king (representing Human Ego). The message being, human ego has to be overcome by Divine Knowledge to                gainMoksha(salvation).


        The other two hands are in the abhaya (fearless) and varada (blessing) mudras respectively signifying that all her           devotees will be guided to the eternal salvation by the holy mother herself.

  1. There is a 3 ft high rectangular alter in the Kalighat Temple where 3 stones are kept under a tree. These stones representSasthi, Shitalaand Mangala Chandi – part of Ma Kali. This spot is called Shasthi Tala or Manasha Tala.
  2. There are no male priests in this area.
  3. Adjacent to the temple lies the Natmondir – a covered platform from where the main deity can be seen. Next to this lie the two sacrificial altars.
  4. A sacred tank called Kundupukar lies in the south east corner of the temple complex. The right tow of Sati is believed to have been found in this area. The water of this tank is considered to be as holy as Ganga and has the power to bestow the boon of a child.


  1. The idol of goddess which has been kept there in the temple to worship is adorned with silver and gold jewelries and clothes.


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