Kashmir an ‘integral part’ of India: Syed Salman Chishty


Spiritual leader Haji Syed Salman Chishty of Ajmer Sharif has asserted that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and there are no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ about it.

“Kashmir has always been an integral part of India. There is no ifs and buts about it and there cannot be,” he told ANI after addressing an event at the University of Geneva.

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Salman Chishty continued, “It’s an opportunity and it’s a way where every Kashmiri should come forward and contribute and embrace this opportunity for the sake of their own children, for the sake of their children’s future and for the sake of Kashmir to be prosperous.”

Haji Syed Salman Chishty is among the “Syed o Saddat and Chishty Sufi family of Ajmer Sharif” whose lineage goes back all the way to the Holy Prophet of Islam.

Criticising Pakistan over its misinformation over abrogation of Article 370 and 35(A) and allegations of a deliberate attempt by New Delhi to sabotage the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir, the spiritual leader said, “Pakistan has their own ideas, their own language that they can use and justify whatever the thing they think about 8 or 9 crore Muslims in Kashmir. When they put these numbers, do they become blind to see 180 million Muslims across India living peacefully, happily contributing to the nation-state building for over hundreds of years? It is their own blindness which restricts them to see the full picture that India is”.