Kashmir Crisis: With a salary of Rs 6,000 this man’s account had Rs 18 lakh in 3 months

A team of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) which is in Jammu and Kashmir has found several suspicious transactions into bank accounts. The money was meant to fund the unrest in the Valley. One such account belongs to a man from Pulwama who barely earns Rs 6,000 per month. There was a remittance of Rs 18 lakh into his account in three different instalments.

The entire amount was withdrawn in several instalments before the account was closed down. The NIA is probing the fund flow into this account. Prima facie the agency has learnt that poor people were roped in and accounts were opened in their names. Money was then transferred to their accounts and withdrawn in instalments.

Modus operandi

An NIA officer says that a little over Rs 30 crore had been pumped into the state and the money was withdrawn to fund the unrest. The Valley has been on the boil for the past 46 days following the death of Burhan Wani, the Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist.

The NIA has on its radar at least 17 accounts. All these accounts have suspicious transactions. It is clear that vulnerable people were roped in and accounts opened in their names. This was done with the sole intention of avoiding the scanner of the agencies.

After the accounts were opened up, money was transferred to the accounts. The money was then withdrawn in several instalments. It was made sure that after all the money was withdrawn the accounts were closed.

The money was used to pay the stone pelters, orchestrate road blocks and also fund infiltrations, preliminary investigations have learnt.

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The NIA is also looking into the flow of money from the Gulf. It has been found that several Kashmiri businessmen were approached and asked to send money. In a bid to justify the transaction, they had over invoiced the price of the goods that they had sold.

The NIA says that the details are coming about and they will probe every angle including the links of separatists with terrorists who are alleged to have funded the unrest.

Source – Online media reports

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  • August 26, 2016 at 5:36 am

    nothing new kashmiri have many sources and we have alot of savings. check arun jetly s acc modi rajnath amit shah also and swiz bank also lets see who have bank money . this is new propaganda to suppress kashmiri freedom voice

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      Kashmiri freedom. Joke of the day, month and year.

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    Shame on Indian authority such kind of propaganda .. Sick sick


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