Kashmir disaster: A time when criminals helped police to save lives


Floods in India affect hundreds of thousands

In what could be termed as the victory of good over evil, stories are emerging as to how hardened criminals who were locked in various police stations in Srinagar not only helped the cops but also made efforts in saving the lives of people who were marooned in their houses with flood water rising higher and higher. At the Shaheed Ganj police station which was submerged for four days the criminals spent their time on the rooftop and an official tells that a notorious criminal known for taking on police, jumped into deep water several times to rescue people caught in their homes. Not bothering about his personal safety, the man jumped into raging water, and in fact saved lives of several policemen who were involved in relief efforts.

Interestingly, a thief who has been giving the police slips for last several months joined them during the flood, and in fact helped in saving a family which was in danger of getting drowned. Using an ingenous trick of his own trade, the man hammered long nails on the walls of the wooden structure, tied the rope there and managed to get the family out much to the delight and surprise of the cops.

The Jehlum river which wreaked havoc across the city led to marooning of most of the police stations during the floods that included Sadar police station, and other stations in Jawahar Nagar, Bemina, Rajbagh, Batamaloo, Rajbagh and Karan Nagar. Even two story high buildings were completely submerged in the water, and policemen had to stay on rooftops to save themselves and only one station at Harwan out of 35 remained functional. There was no power, and generators were washed away say men, and their communication system also failed due to lack of power. During their stay with the criminals on top of the rooftops, the policemen said both sides realized the humane side of each other, and helped to survive the ordeal. One of the police official reveals that a person who he had put in jail helped with them during rescue operations. What surprised him was the fact that even during such a disaster, he invited him to his house for a cup of tea, which he says will always remind him of the innate humanity in people. The cops now hope to meet the under trials, and those who were arrested but displayed exemplary humanity in better times, and hope to help them to come on the right side of the law.