Kashmir incomplete without Kashmiri Pandits, says Advisor Farooq Khan


Jammu:The newly appointed Advisor to Governor, Farooq Khan on Monday said that every effort will be made to gain trust of every segment of society, as has been pledged by the Prime Minister.

“The slogan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas and Sab Ka Vishwas’ will be implemented on the ground in letter and spirit”, Farooq Khan said while interacting with people at Jammu.

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The Advisor added that some people claim that this is a political slogan but actually it is an assurance from the Prime Minister regarding the development and upliftment of all sections of society.

According to a Srinagar based news agency, Farooq Khan further said that Kashmir is incomplete without Kashmiri Pandits and the government was taking every possible step to ensure their return.

Khan further stated that Kashmir is equally important as Jammu for him. “My maternal home is in Kashmir and due to insurgency; people of Kashmir have suffered a lot including their property.

However, he added that those who tried to wedge the gap between the Centre and Kashmiris stand exposed. He added there are few more things that need to be done in this regard so that the alienation among the people will come to an end.

Khan further added that he will work tirelessly and try to come up to the expectations of people. About drug menace, Advisor Farooq Khan said that both Jammu and Kashmir are witnessing such menace, which needs to be curbed. “Even when I was far away from Jammu and Kashmir, I was concerned about this. I believe drug menace is more dangerous than terrorism. I have always acted tough against the offenders and will take every possible step to put an end to drug menace in the State,” he added.