Kashmir : Majid Khan’s family assured No charges will be pressed against him


Police on Friday assured the family of Majid Khan that no charges will be pressed against their son who has “returned home after shunning the path of violence”.

“On the night of 16th Nov 17, Majid Khan, a 20 year old boy, an ace footballer from Anantnag returned to his parents. The boy had gone astray a few days back however, on his own initiative he has shunned the path of violence and understood his obligations towards his parents,” said a spokesman.

He said that the forces facilitated his return.

Majid is the only son of his parents who has displayed boldness and strength in his decision. On his return, the Security Forces have reassured him and his family that no charges will be pressed against him,” he said.

Forces once again exhort all young local boys who have gone astray or have joined the militants to shun the path of violence and come back to their families, he said.

“The Security Forces will welcome them and help them in their endeavours whole-heartedly,” said the spokesman.

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