To Kashmir, From Modi : Making of a Super State



“For 60 years they talked about separate state (autonomy) but what did people get ?  Nothing and there is no accountability also… In the name of separate state, they encouraged separatism. It would have been better if they focused on creating a super state” – Narendra Modi in Lalkar Rally;

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 “I am not here to talk about Hindu and Muslim. I am here speaking on behalf of 1.25 crore residents of Jammu and Kashmir. We have to end the divisive mind-set and instead make effort to bring people together.”- Narendra Modi at Madison Square.
Modi has made a number of such statements about having a rational approach towards the Kashmir issue after his becoming the Prime Minister, and it has also given a new hope to the state of Jammu and Kashmir where there remains alienation amidst a portion of population. It is another matter that this idea of alienation has got amplified because of the involvement of Pakistan, and it’s support to terror, and separatist groups.
Modi Lalkar Rally Jammu (30)
However, the arrival of a very powerful Prime Minister, who is also a statesman and a visionary has given a new hope to the people of Jammu and Kashmir that this issue could either be resolved permanently through dialogue with various stakeholders or by adopting a very strong approach towards the separatist groups, and terrorism which has been supported by Pakistan. The neighbouring country has already got a taste of what to expect from Modi government when it chose to talk to Hurriyat before the Indo-Pakistan secretary level talks, and also when it violated the ceasefire on the international border. It has also become clear that Modi’s speeches are not mere propoaganda but these are based on a real assessment of the the ground situation, and it might appear that he speaks unrealistically because we have seen little or no governance or action during the UPA rule.
Modi’s assertion that everyone in J&K should come together to make it a super-state might be a tough ask but given his vision, ability, and dedication and no-nonsense approach it is highly probable that Jammu and Kashmir could be brought back into the national mainstream, and it could be brought back from being a separate state to a super state.
Narendra-Modi-g37728Modi government’s support has been greatly appreciated during the recent floods in the Early September where the State Government failed in many aspects. Kashmir went through a havoc but his swift response and dealing apparently generated Kashmir’s faith in Modi.
“We need rational & focused debate not only on 370 but other issues relating to J&K, including suffering of sections of J&K society.”
Since the voting time is just around the corner, and Haryana and Maharashtra have fallen for the charm of a Modified India, it remains to be seen how the people of Jammu and Kashmir takes to his leadership which might also redefine the future of the state.

Will the success rate be as prudent as his motto of Insaniyat, Jamhuriyat and Kashmiriyat? Jammu and Kashmir has seen its fate taking twists and turns in the past which brought nothing good and yet again Kashmir awaits for more twists which might support the resolving of the age-old political chaos of the state resulting in their rightful acceptance and in a nutshell, bringing in a state of peace -converging the tangled roots of politics here. So with a hope that this wave of optimism and enthusiasm will reach the roots of the problems and will not fade soon Let the Change be! in the Rulers and in Us!

-BY CJ Amaya