Kashmir Traders to boycott new BJP minister Rajiv Jasrotia


Following the elevation of MLA Rajiv Jasrotia into the state cabinet on Monday, the Kashmir Economic Alliance Chairperson Haji Muhammad Yasin Khan Tuesday, while reacting sharply,  said his forums would boycott events where ever Jasrotia is invited as guest.

Terming Jasrotia’s induction into the state cabinet as unfortunate, Khan said that the ruling PDP was rubbing shoulders with pro-rapist faces, who want release of gangsters involved in gang-rape and murdered of an eight year old girl.”

“This is not the issue of politics or religion but humanity. When even New Delhi based media which is otherwise seen anti-Kashmir has taken stand against elevation of the pro-rapists as ministers, how can people of the home state tolerate elevation of pro-rapist lobby,” Khan said in a statement.

Stating that his forums prefer humanity over business, Khan said the KEA and KTMF would be boycotting all the events where “pro-rapist” politicians are invited.

Previously also Khan said the KEA and KTMF had distanced themselves from functions where the then “pro-rapist” ministers Lal Singh and Chandra Prakash Ganga were present.

Meanwhile taking a dig at Deputy Chief Minister Kavinder Gupta’s remarks that “Kathua rape and murder was a small incident”, Yasin Khan said “The RSS man’s remarks have insulted humanity.”

Notably, Rajiv Jasrotia, who had reportedly attended the pro-rapist rally in Kathua, was promoted as a cabinet minister yesterday.


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