Kashmir university students asked to vacate; unrest after student arrest worsens in the region



Student arrest in Kashmir has led to raging protests in the Kashmir varsity and the mess has further worsened after the students protested against the detention of Muzammil Farooq of the English Department at the university.

Around 1500 students staying in five campus hostels were asked to vacate and that has further triggered the ongoing unrest in the university. According to the sources, the move was aimed at averting more protests. In addition, students, scholars as well as faculty members were also prevented from offering Friday prayers at the campus mosque today. The classes will remain suspended till June 27, as instructed by the authorities. The Kashmir University authorities also directed internet clampdown on the campus. The campus has been deployed with police and university security personnel to quiet further rage. The police maintained that Muzamil had militant links. Students of the university are however, condemning this statement by the police saying that if he had militant connections, it should have been revealed on Day 1. “It was only after days of protests that the police disclosed his whereabouts. The entire matter is suspicious and even the police version is doubtful,” told one student. Another student said, “I have never seen such a tense atmosphere on the campus and what is surprising is that the authorities have made no effort to talk to the agitated students. The university admission process too is suffering a major setback due to the ongoing unrest in the campus. Due to the last year’s floods, the university has already suffered a lot and now that the academics were hitting the road again, the protests have worsened the situation even more.

Image Courtesy- The Tribune


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