Kashmir unrest not getting over soon as rations requested to continue protests

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The protests in valley began last Saturday with a Jehad call at Achabal, “It’s a war”.

The protests are not going to die soon as was made evident by the sight of a Jehad slogan-raising group of youth in a mosque on the airport road near Hyderpora. The youth right after congregational prayers were over appealed everyone to donate rice, vegetables and money to extend help in the cause.

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The cause is not spoken of, it is understood as soon as someone shouts ‘Azadi’. The Azadi is freedom from what they call Indian occupation of Kashmir.

The accumulation of ration only to be stashed away leads to only one conclusion, “The protests are not going to die down soon. This is preparation for shutdowns and curfew that would extend with protests.”

This mob is formed by boys of 13-25 and boys who do not listen to anyone. These boys were born after 1990 in an era of guns and do not bend in front of force. One of the reasons that casualties in the eight day period have been high is because, they challenge the forces to shoot at them.

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The Separatist leaders are not very relevant in the present protests as the leaders back in the 1990s were. There were leaders who had a voice that mattered and crowds would fall in line. This mob is truly headless. The separatists have not been able to control the protests at all.

Each man of the forces, police and otherwise, is an enemy at present date. The stories of how one ‘policewala’ or another ‘CRPFwala’ was cornered are described as glorious events. These story tellers forget that those in the police atleast are neighbours or relatives. The sympathy is gone or atleast is not bothered about.

Burhan Wani was a militant but the local press has helped changing the description of militants as innocent boys who took to guns because of the mistake of others. This choice by the local press has singlehandedly delivered the maximum damange to the psyche of the locals.

Delhi should understand the psyche and deal with it in a sensitive manner. Nothing else would work.

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