Kashmir was never Independent: Markanday Katju

Justice Markandey Katju, a former judge of the Indian Supreme Court who also served as Chief Justice of three high courts and who is currently Chairman of India’s statutory media regulatory body, the Press Council of India, is known for making stunning statements and has lately been in the news for his outspoken ‘words of wisdom’ on almost everything from the state of media to the failures of the government in India. The time he has refuted the Kashmiri claims that Kashmir was once Azaad. He says Kashmir was never Independent, and has always been a part of India. This is what he said:

markanday Katju on Kashmir

He further goes on to say that, the day Kashmirs stop demanding Azadi, he will demand withdrawal of Armed Forces from Kashmir. Alas, he never expects that to happen!markanday Katju on Kashmir

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