Kashmir : Zakir Musa led Ansar-Gawat-ul-Hind terrorist group threatens photo journalists, Details here


Ansar-Gawat-ul-Hind led by Zakir Musa on Tuesday threatened photo journalists of dire consequences if they continue to click the photographs of the women who participate in the funerals of the militants.

In a statement a spokesman of the militant out said, “In the funerals of our beloved Mujahideen, many journalists come to cover and report it. However, we see that photojournalists most of the times take pictures of our sisters and mothers just so that their photos can fetch them a good price.”

“Any such photojournalist seen clicking photos of our sisters should be dealt with sternly and their cameras be broken. These shameless journalists who click such pictures should know that it doesn’t serve the cause of Tehreek.

Our Tehreek is Islam and anything which is not permitted in Islam will only bring us misery and no good,” the statement said, adding that “Our respected sisters and brothers should also refrain from mixing together.”“So refrain from doing such acts.

Anyone who sees a journalist clicking such pictures his camera should be broken there and then,” the statement added.

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