Kashmiri Biggies taking over the land ideal for Pandit resettlement?


Indeed, even as New Delhi searches ahead for return of dislodged Pandit community to their motherland in Kashmir, a prime lump of land estimating around 300 kanals in Dhar Bagh, possessed by a Kashmiri Pandit family nearby the high-security Badami Bagh Cantonment in Srinagar has been “assumed control over by a powerful anteroom of Kashmiris” who declared that a township would be built there.

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The proposed township offers a first of its type settlement in Kashmir with more than 20 feet wide streets, CCTV observation, green spaces and considerably more to the potential customers. The bookings have just begun for the task worth crores of rupees.

Given the huge urbanization of Srinagar, this was the main piece of verified land left in Srinagar that could be securely utilized for development of the Pandit colony as it lies by “the most secure Army cantonment.

As per the sources, one persuasive lobby went for the arrangement with the Pandit family.

What is most stunning is the job of government in permitting the land bargain. “At the point when the central government is dealing with an arrangement for the return of Kashmiri Pandits, such a land ought to have been saved for the purpose. Why did the state government carry on so untrustworthily?

Given the area of the land, it was fit for the restoration of the uprooted Pandits and could even be utilized to build a settlement for authorities working with the Ministry of Home Affairs.

This land could be utilized for numerous vital things. One can just think about how and why such an arrangement was permitted in any case. The concerned Pandits have advanced Prime Minister Narendra Modi to get an abnormal state test requested into the issue with the goal that this land is put aside for good reason.

Such instances make us question whether there is actually any seriousness about the resettlement of Pandits in Kashmir or is it just an eye-wash?