Kashmir doctor booked for raping French national


Jammu and Kashmir News

A Kashmiri doctor has been booked for allegedly raping a French national in Srinagar. The French national is working as a high school teacher in Canada. She claimed that she was raped in a Srinagar hotel in 2014 by a Kashmiri doctor, Sajad Hasan Khan, whom she knew since August 2013.

She revealed that she met the doctor on a matrimonial website www.shaadi.com and the doctor initially claimed that he was a cancer specialist in Delhi. She added in her complaint that he proposed her quickly and was able to build intense trust. The two stayed in touch for nearly a year. The e-mail evidence against the doctor has also been submitted to the police.  She said. “In August, 2014, I arrived in Srinagar and got raped and I did not report right away as I was very confused.” She added that the doctor also offered Nikah after the rape as told by the victim. She added, “He picked me up from Srinagar airport and took me to a hotel where I booked a room for myself. Sajad Khan sat in the room under the pretext of having an appointment in two hours and he then raped me.”

She further said that the doctor has lied about his job, age and even residence. It was later that she came to know that he lived in Sopore. The victim also found out that the same man was luring foreign women online on www.muslimah.com and she decided to report the case. She said that she found him on that website claiming to a woman from Europe how desperate he is to marry and he was lying about his age and job there as well. “I called the embassy and it called the police in Kashmir,” she told.

A senior Police officer in Srinagar confirmed that that a case under Section 376 of the RPC had been registered against the doctor and the case is being investigated.

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