Kashmiri girl is spreading Kashmiri music all over the world

Image Courtesy: Tribune News

Srinagar, January 23: Listening Mehmeet Syed sing was her teacher’s favourite pastime during her school days and that is also her favourite memory of her school days. Mehmeet used to love singing Kashmiri songs as a child and that gave birth to her dream of spreading Kashmiri Music across the globe.

The girl is on her mission and has given a  modern flavour to traditional Kashmiri music which is unique and thrilling.

Mehmeet says that her love for music is genetic as her mother was a music teacher and what she knows about music, it is all because of her mother. She started singing on public platforms. at a very early age. She was in class 12th when she delivered her first performance.

She remembers and said that she sang Jagjeet Singh’s famous ghazal ‘Chithhi na koi sandes’ during her first public performance. “After that performance my talent got recognised and I received offers from various producers,” says Mehmeet, who aims to take Kashmir’s Sufiana music to higher reaches.

After Mehmeet’s debut video album ‘Chulhama Roshay Roshay’ released in 2004, it turned her into a household name across the state. At that time, she was studying MBBS but she left her studies to pursue a career in music and now has 100 albums and dozens of awards to her credit.

Though Kashmir is a conservative region and here a girl performing on stage is considered a taboo, Mehmeet was able to make her name because of her family’s support.

Recently, on a tour to the United States, New Zealand and Australia, Mehmeet Syed enthralled the audience with her melodious voice. She said as quoted by a national daily, “My family has supported me and it is because of them that I could really pursue my passion for singing.”

She is proud of Kashmir and Kashmiri language and wants to promote this language through her art of music. Her next concert is at UAE in March. She feels very happy to be able to unite people with their roots through music.

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