Kashmiri Pandits dimiss reports of a Pandit cremated by muslim neighbours alone in Valley

kashmiri Pandits exile jammu srinagarThere is strong resentment in the Kashmiri Pandit community over reports in media that not even a single Kashmiri pandit was present at the cremation of late Janki Nath, who died in Malvan village in South Kashmir’s Kulgam district. Janki Nath had preferred to stay in Kashmir Valley when the Kashmiri pundits were forced to flee in the 1990s by spiraling terrorist violence which had targeted the Pandits systematically.

It was reported by press in Kashmir that Janki Nath, who died on January 30 was cremated by his muslim neighbours as not even a single Kashmiri pandit or his relative was present. These reports which regularly emanate from valley, and particularly the Janki nath episode has been rubbished by the KP community across India, and it has been rebutted on the social media, and on news websites.
The Pandits allege that instead of showing warmth to the community now, the Muslim neighbours should have woken up on the long, and dark nights in the early 1990s when they were being shot, and killed for being Hindus. Referring to the Malvan incident, the community memvers said that not only Janki Nath’s wife but a number of Pandits were present to perform the last rites of Janki Nath, and they came from families who had decided to stay in Kashmir despite the spread of terror. Although the Muslim neighbours were present during the cremations but Kashmiri Pandits allege that it is wrong to portray that no relative, friend and community member was present during the cremation.

They are also asking why journalists in valley write reports on the death of Pandits despite the fact that they are non-entities, and would have not been worthy of two lines normally. They allege that these reports aim to portray they community in negative light.

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