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A Kashmiri’s letter to a fellow Kashmiri.

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One of our viewers shared with us:

By: Vimal Sumbly

A Kashmiri’s letter to a fellow Kashmiri…..

I don’t celebrate tragedies even of my enemies, unlike those who celebrated mine. But I don’t like to indulge in false and fake breast beating either. Nature’s wrath has been too furious in Kashmir this time. It is indeed sad and tragic. I feel sorry for all those who are suffering. Because I can understand what it means to lose your home and hearth.

But, I’m sorry I really find it difficult to relate and too difficult to regret and to mourn. Not that I feel happy which I really can’t over such a calamity of such humongous proportions, but probably because I’m too human to weep for those who celebrated my tragedy… who danced over the killings and death of my people by damning them as traitors and informers… who did not let me even mourn my dead even of my own and even in my solitude…rather I was told that my dead deserved to die as they were informers and traitors to the holy cause …who did not allow even the decent last rites of my dead, warning and threatening that I may meet the same fate if I did that … Not even now letting me to freely visit my holy places like Amarnath and Kausar Nag….

I must confess that I’m indeed indifferent or at best as much concerned about it as I should be about any such tragedy happening anywhere else in Syria or Somalia. This is natural for me to remember all this when I remember my dear neighbour, my dear ‘brother’, my dear ‘friend’ for a long time who no longer remained a neighbour, a brother or a friend…who stuck stickers at my gate, “Indian dogs go back”…

I have forgiven you everything. That’s why I don’t celebrate your tragedies. That’s why I still welcome you with my open arms as if you were still the same neighbour, brother and friend which indeed you no longer are, if at all you ever were…but forgiving is one thing and forgetting is another. I’m as much a human as to forgive …but not forget … forget I never will…forgiven I already have…may God help you…

And remember when the calamity shall be over and when flood waters will recede you will return to your home, but my calamity continues till now, even after 24 years because I can never think of going back to my home again… That’s why I genuinely believe my calamity was more disastrous and devastating than yours …

Nature, unlike men, may be furious at times but it is not ruthless… That’s why man made calamities, which I suffered are worse and everlasting than those of nature, which you are suffering now… I still wish, may your calamity end very soon and may you soon be able to return to your home…


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