Kashmiri Pandits still living as refugees- AAKHIR KAB TAK!

Picture courtesy: hinduexistence
The microscopic, peace loving and nationalist community of Kashmiri Pandits is still in the search of their homes and hearths they belong to, inspite of their 25th year of exile. The neglect has left no place for the Pandits in this country and their questions have bee left unanswered without paying any justice and attention to their existence.

Kashmiri Pandits, a lost community and perhaps at one level a lost generation, are suffering a great travesty which is a  blot on the name of Democracy, Leadership and Secularism that they are still made to live as Refugees in their own country. While on one hand, India is developing through plans like Mars Orbital Mission, Bullet Trains, Smart Cities  buto n the other hand India’a very own community is pertinently being missed here all the times.

Apparently there has been no Political will power to ensure them any permanent resettlement and comprehensive Rehabilitation as the Government has continuously failed to protect their fundamental rights. Feelers of rehabilitation packages have been sent out but they never drew any comprehensive long term plan for repatriation of Kashmiri Pandits to bring them some stability and security. In a Rath Yatra held today by YAIKS titled as “AAKHIR KAB TAK”, the community members demanded to know the whereabouts of those funds raised in their name and they have demanded a strict probe. They further showed their despair by telling that they have no unique predicament and identity, “We are still holding Aarzi Ration Cards in our hands for the last 25 years in this democratic country, AAKHIR KAB TAK!”.

The activists of Youth All India Kashmiri Samaj carried a Rath Yatra today, of GeNext Kashmiri Pandits under the leadership of YAIKS Chief Pt. R.K.Bhat in continuation to a prior Pad Yatra held back in the year 2004. The yatra was preceded from YAIKS head Quarter, Muthi and covered all the prominent cities of J&K, Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana and the final destination will be Union Capital, New Delhi. During the course of Yatra high priority level would be given to their four-pointed joint character of demands which revolve around the employment package announced back in 2008, for 6000 jobs, compensation in their favour fro under the PM’s Rehabilitation Package and certain issues pertaining political empowerment.
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