Kashmiri Pandits to be taken on board by PDP


Jammu, April 21: A delegation of various Pandit organizations today called on PDP General Secretary Rafi Ahmad Mir. The delegation submitted a charter of demands regarding the problems faced by the members of the community. Mir assured them to resolve their problems and that he would take up the matter with the state government to take appropriate view on it.

After an interaction with the delegation, Rafi Mir said that “In principle PDP calls for democratic participation of all communities, identities and regions to pool their energies together for building a new Jammu and Kashmir and the party’s focus is on building bridges between communities and uniting them for public welfare”. Rafi Mir further said, “PDP will take Pandits on board in formulating and implementing every plan that would be needed for moulding a new welfare state with a peaceful and progressive environment”. Mir also added that the government is committed to meet the socio-political aspirations of the people with good governance.

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