Kashmiri students battered, made to shout anti-Pakistan slogans in Greater Noida


Kashmiri students battered, made to shout anti-Pakistan slogans in Greater NoidaGreater Noida: Three Kashmiri students were allegedly beaten up in their hostel in Greater Noida by close to eight other students. The students claim that they were forced to say Bharat Mata ki jai and raise anti-Pakistan slogans. When they didn’t say this, they were beaten up.
The students, close to 150 of them in Noida International University, claim that their repeated complaints of intimidation didn’t get much of a response from the university administration. eateThe administration, however, claims that these are normal fights between the groups of students and has no ethnic or regional undertone.
The incident did not take place in the college campus, but in the area where most of the students live in various private hostels. According to the university administration, those who beat up the students belong to the Priyadarshini Institute while the Kashmiri students who were beaten up belong to the NIU.
Reacting to the incident, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah tweeted, “Let’s beat patriotism in to Kashmiri students, why don’t we. Great way to remove any fear or sense of alienation among Kashmiris. Thugs!!!”
Hitting out at the Akhilesh Yadav government, Omar added, “If the universities or state authorities can’t protect Kashmiri students coming there then man up and admit your inability or unwillingness. I’m sending the Resident Commissioner from Delhi to visit the university in question to ascertain all the facts before deciding next steps.”
Three months ago in a similar incident, sedition charges were slapped against Kashmiri students for cheering the Pakistan Cricket team in UP. The charges were later withdrawn after Omar Abdullah stepped in.