Kashmiri Traditional Bread checked for carcinogens; here are the results

Srinagar, May 31: Anyone who has travelled to Kashmir even once knows about the famous traditional bakery from Kashmir that is a standard part of breakfast for locals there.

Traditional Kashmiri Bread

These traditional breads are prepared by “kandur” or traditional bread bakers.

With the recent scientific study and the controversy it evoked about presence of cancer-causing agents like potassium bromate and potassium iodate in most of the bread brands across the country, the traditional bread of Kashmir is also being checked as the subject matter of investigation by the Food Safety authorities of the state.

Since the traditional breads are extensively used throughout the valley, in the backdrop of studies indicating presence of cancer-causing chemicals in bakery items in the country, the Drugs and Food Control Organisation, J&K, has banned the use of potassium bromate and restricted the use of potassium iodate up to 20 ppm in food products in the state.

Initial tests by food safety authorities in Kashmir show that potassium bromate is not used by the traditional bakers of the Valley. However, checking all the bakeries, especially the branded ones will take time.

Hilal Ahmad Mir, Assistant commissioner, Food safety in Srinagar told media persons that the bakery manufacturers have given in writing that they are not using potassium bromate at all.

He, however, added that his organisation was still going to test samples randomly to determine if the banned substance was being used in locally made bread or not.

Potassium bromate, which is used as an additive, might be used by mill owners while preparing “maida” say sources.

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