Kashmiri woman openly criticises separatists


Watch her deliver her anger through words in a video interview done by an agency, the details of which are not available.

Srinagar, September 10: The unrest in the valley has seen irreparable damage to the lives of many in Kashmir who are opposed to the situation in the valley but cannot do anything about it because they cannot move out of Kashmir because of financial constraints.

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This video, which is presently viral on social media and messaging applications in Jammu and Kashmir has a woman and her two children who explain what exactly the unrest has done to the lives of Kashmiris. The woman is exceedingly critical of the separatists and even names a few saying their own children are outside Kashmir and that separatists are immune to disruption of life.

The woman also goes on to point  at the children of politicians and bureaucrats who are in safe havens outside the state and country.


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