Kashmiri woman sold by her Husband for Rs 7000

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Srinagar: A Kashmiri woman was sold by her husband into prostitution.

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As per a study on domestic Violence by the Sociology Department of University of Kashmir, about 31% women allege physical harassment by their husbands and in laws, 39% face dowry demand by in-laws, 9% face demands for gifts by husbands, 7% face violence regularly and shockingly, 39% preferred silence over the incidents. There has been a steer increase in the cases related to violence related to women throughout the valley. one such incident came into fore front recently.

The victim hails from Habba Kadal locality of old Srinagar and was married to Zakir Taluqdar alias Sadiq, who lives in Bhalswa, Jahangirpuri area of New Delhi, on June 2012. According to the victim, the Talauqdar family lied to her parents about their son’s job and his age. Being an unemployed 45-year-old man, Zakir was way too old for her. He was a gambler and a hard core drunkard who would occasionally end up fondling women in buses.

Soon after her marriage, she came face to face with reality. Domestic violence stated from day one. Zakir would get home drunk every night and then end up beating his wife on a regular basis. She was tortured and abused every single day for petty reasons. And not just this, he would force her to ask for more and more money from her parents in Kashmir. Even his father, Muslim Taluqdar, and his brother, Farooq, would demand more money even after taking away all her jewels. They family would pressurize her to earn money, intending to push her into flesh trade.

Hell broke upon her when she learned that Zakir had served jail for seven years on charges of espionage and that he was married before and had multiple wives.  She suspected that her husband might have sold them too.

The victim had a daughter who was the only reason why she was sticking around.

Things turned real ugly when one day Jehangir, who was a frequent visitor to Zakir’s home, knocked her door while she was home alone and asked her to pack her luggage and urged her to go out with him. Jehangir later told her that she was sold to him for Rs 7000 and she was his property now. He forced her into his van and drove to a brothel. According to the woman, Jehangir is originally from Kashmir and has been living in Kolkata for decades now and is particularly involved in the flesh trade.

Somehow she manged to run from that place and ended up at Zakir’s house in Jehangirpuri. He in-laws reacted by setting her on fire. Fortunately she escaped that too and wandered on the streets of New Delhi with her little girl the entire night. Finally she contacted her brother in Kashmir and was taken home.

Even after reaching valley, she did not get any help from police. She went to Shaheed Ganj police station to file case against all the accused. However, the police refused to lodge the complaint. In the meantime, the flesh peddler, Jehangir came to Kashmir as well in her pursuit. He threatened her entire family if she refused to go back with him.

After police’s refusal to file a report against Jehangir, the woman has filed a case with Srinagar court this week. The matter was filed on 4th of May under section 23 of domestic violence act in a court in Srinagar. The court has now directed that SHO Shaheed Gunj be appointed as protection officer for the victim and has issued notice to the accused to appear in court at the earliest.

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