Kashmiri youth can learn from Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar

Image Courtesy - Early Times

Puneet Gupta

Jammu and Kashmir has a parentage well heeled with controversy. The past has been turbulent and so has been the present. The administrators over the decades wealthy of brainless governance with roots of infirmity never allowed the state to prosper and it almost seems as if post partition the ruling class was deliberately priming Jammu and Kashmir for disaster.

The Jammu and Kashmir assembly this time saw some real ‘action’, which of course had nothing to do with governance. Legislators, people we believe are true leaders who can find solutions to all problems were locking horns with each other over beef issue, even engaging physically. In what has become a norm now, in parts of city, Pakistan flags, Flags of the terrorist outfit IS were being waved, as if they can someday become symbols of rebellion.

Aamir, a 10-year-old boy received burn injuries in the Sunday clashes and had supposedly gone to the market to buy milk. His family blames the police. A clash is nowhere embraced in the but does Kashmir want what happened to Aamir to happen to their children though? Why be misled by a handful of visionless dictators who have achieved nothing but deaths of innocents?

Amid a wanting Kashmir shined a star that reinstates faith in real possibilities – there are never endings, only beginnings. 45-year-old Kashmiri sportsman, Mushtaq Ahmad Zargar, represented India in Asia Power-lifting championship at Sultan Kaboos Stadium in Oman Muscat and bagged the gold medal making India and Jammu and Kashmir proud.

Image Courtesy - Early Times
Image Courtesy – Early Times

Mushtaq is the first Kashmiri to bag an international award. That can show the way to many young souls in Kashmir who have fashionably taken to throwing stones from one end of a street to the other. Can anyone achieve anything by throwing stones? Who is to account for the days and months and years of their lives that they lose out on when their masters pull the cords?

There are many like Mushtaq, who toil harder than others in the country to achieve something in Kashmir only because of the turmoil in the Valley. These men and women are not interested in the politics and other insignificant issues but definitely have to deal with them.

It is truly unfortunate that the impressionable young minds fall prey to hate-mongering men. It is truly astounding that the young do not draw inspiration from the likes of Mushtaq. There are those who want to live a normal life but give in to the fear-domination around them. It would soon be three-decades of no fruit to the barren seeds that the separatists have sown and the Kashmiri needs to open eyes to that.

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