Kashmiris are Intolerant Professionals

Tariq Rehmani, associate Vice President of JD Group which is New Delhi based real-estate company believes that Kashmiris are the most impatient professionals in the world. While talking to a local daily, he said that our youth expects to get hefty salaries after completing their degrees whereas the reality of the corporate is pretty different. Our education system is designed in a way where rote learning is given preference instead of sharpening skills.

Owing to the less industrialisation in the state, the youth is not exposed to new market strategies thus lagging behind from the rest of the world. Even if private firms will make up their minds to invest in the state, there are uncountable deadlocks in the government policies which will dust away their plans.

According to him, there are various opportunities besides becoming a doctor or an engineer. In our state, parents often force their children to choose a career of their choice which later frustrates the child and affects its performance in work. One can always choose MBA as the course helps you to get a nice job.

Tarig Rehmani believes that impatience is the only problem that our youth is facing at the moment. Since childhood we are taught to follow the path of rote-learning, we are never encouraged to experience things or our teachers never motivate us to gain practical knowledge. If our base is not strong enough, how can we expect high profile jobs the moment we complete our degrees.

There are few tips to maintain focus and progress in life:

  • Keep your mind fixed on a single task. Complete it and then take up the second one. This tip will prevent failure.
  • Superiors in the organisation are well aware of the market trends, trust them and follow their advice.
  • It is better to complete your job on your own. Asking for help every single time might prove that you are incompetent and useless for the organisation.
  • There is no point of hesitating in asking questions, clear your confusions and do your job efficiently
  • No need to harbour the feelings of fear, handle the problems and assure them that they can rely on you.


He advised the youngsters to be self-reliant as only then there are fair chances of survival in the fast growing industry.