Kashmiris are responsible for Burhan Wani’s creation and death


Puneet Gupta

The valley since Saturday the last has seen a lockdown and life has remained paralysed. Hundreds of injured policemen and protesters are receiving medical-aid in hospitals spread across valley. That there would be protests must have been foreseen by but the magnanimity of them evidently was not. The government has had to enforce a blackout in the valley and such harsh measures are going to severely dent the image of the already hated PDP-BJP coalition.

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The reason is Burhan Wani, a militant!

The last few months saw the rise of Burhan Wani, a boy in his early twenties, on Social media in the valley. A militant to Security Forces had been turned into a folk-hero in the valley. The upsurge in Kashmir’s anti-national campaign in the last week is bound to throw up more such folk-heroes because those in the Kashmir of today are egging the young and bold but directionless to take up the path of violence.

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Those who join militancy are celebrated in the Kashmir of today as was the swing of 1990s.

Burhan Wani used the social media to gain popularity, a method of digging one’s own grave, that ultimately led to the death of most of his team.

There were never any prayers to Wani to choose life over death, only to die a death that has not remained much glorious after a week. Nowhere in the world historically, has power acquired by violence managed a stable rule. Kashmir celebrated Wani’s inevitable death and this mindless celebration is only going to procreate more young men who would choose violent deaths.

That way, the separatists in the valley are way smarter. They have lived long, comfortable, guarded lives. All they have to do is come out, utter a few angry words, get detained and move back to security. Their children are in safe havens as are their families.

If the Kashmiri folk really care about these young sons, then these mindless knights of the road need to be pulled by their ears and brought back home. A dead son’s mother cannot be soothed by the tears and wails of other people who vanish in a week’s time.

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