Young artists of Kashmir breaking stereotypes


Jammu and Kashmir News 

In India, a career in medicine or engineering is the only alleged pursuit to happiness for young students as arts, paintings, music are still the unconventional routes of career. But these young men and women are breaking stereotypes in Kashmir by pursuing their dreams in the field of art which still has a very narrow patronage. Maria Shahmiri who is 22 year old said that she was always sure about the career she wanted to opt for after her higher secondary examinations. She expresses that her parents have always been supportive about her decision and their liberty is what made her an artist. She is pursuing a degree in visual arts from the School of Music and Fine Arts, University of Kashmir and dreams of opening an art institute in Kashmir so that students can learn art. She told that she too faced criticism but she never paid much attention to her critics. “What I wanted to do is pretty much new and people don’t take it as a career option,” she tells. “I wish to open an art institute ina Kashmir where renowned artists will teach art in an enhanced environment,” she told The Tribune.

Another 22 year old valley boy, Saqib Bhat told that his parents wanted him to become an engineer but he had a different plan. Since childhood, he has been making paintings and despite his parents’ resistance he could pursue the path he always wanted to. “After a lot of struggle, I was able to convince them that I was interested in art and not engineering,” he shares. However, the problem for these budding artists is that they lack platform to showcase their talent.

Sofi Suhail, left his first year of commerce to opt for a career in sculptor art. He shares that choosing a career in this field has been a struggle as people have a very limited concept of art. “In any profession satisfaction is the most important thing and I am satisfied with the path I have pursued,” he shares.

Bushra Mir, a 23 year old girl who aspires to a visual artist, says that Kashmir doesn’t offer much scope so she wants to go out for further studies. “This field is as bright as any other field, only the scope in Kashmir is very less,” she said saying that if not now, there will be opportunities in the coming days.

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