Kashmir’s Young Rebels and their dilemma


SRINAGAR: Militancy in kashmir is on a rise as youth from nook and corner of the state are being decieved and recruited to various terrorist organisations. While there is one sect which is facing identity crisis and being brainwashed ot take up arms, another sect is brimming with hopes an aspiration to fight all the odds and transform Kashmir into a peaceful state.

Kashmir has been a colflict-ridden state for more than two decades now. Stats reveal that around 60 percent of the state popultaion is under 30 years of age. Now, the pertinent question here is whom should they follow, which path must they takes, which road must they choose. The confusion has engulfed the youth of the state, which has lead to increase in cases of depression, as suggested by a report.


On one hand there is 21-year old Burhan Wani, who has become the new face of militancy in the valley and on other there are are young IAS Officers like Shah Faesal and Athar Aamir.

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32 year old Shah Faesal has seen valley burning. He was 7 years old when the exodus took place. He saw his father fall prey to the gun-shot of a terrorist, but he chose to take up studies and not guns, and today he is a role model for the youth of the state.

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As director, School Education in Kashmir, Shah Faesal is on a mission to transform the face of education in his state.

The present condidtion of Rajbagh Govt. School in Srinagar, which was completely ravaged by the flood fury in 2014, speaks volumes about Shah Faesel’s efforts and change in outlook of young Kashmiri students.

“Terrorism won’t serve purpose- gun is no solution – we have to improve ourselves,” said a girl student.

Majority students at this school are opting for humanities over traditional medicine and engineering fields.

Civil service has become the new fad among the youth in Kashmir. In last five years more Kashmiris have joined the civil services than in the last five decades.

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Seven students from Kashmir alone not only cracked the civil services examination this year, but also attained good ranking. Aathar Aamit from Anantnag district in Kashmir stood second in the Competetive examinations.

“In Kashmir, what one does, everybody else tries to do the same, but Shah Faesal is our role model”, proclaimed another girl.

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The ‘Super 30’ clubs in Kashmir are turning out to be really succesful with almost all the students from certain clubs making it to the competetive examinations. These clubs offer exposure to the students from the stained-region and open avenues of communication.

It’s the achievers like Shah Faesal and cricketer Parvez Rasool who are their role models and answers to gun wielding local terrorists like Wani.

At a time when Kashmir is facing a crisis of educated young people are picking up gun to join the likes of Wani, these girls are beacons of hope. More and more of them want to stay back in their state and work for their people.

To connect with young population, the Army has also set up 60 Navjavan clubs across the Valley to provide platform for recreational activities and a free exchange of ideas.

“The nawjawan clubs are meant to create spaces for the local youth to learn and improve their skills,” said Satish Dua, GOC 15 Corps.

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