Katappa Ne Bahubali Ko Kyun Maara – LEAKED


If you have not watched, Baahubali – The beginning, then you need to go watch the movie first for any of this to even make sense to you. The second part of Baahubali is set to be released next year and the first part managed to break multiple Box Office records made by even the top Bollywood movies before it.

The first movie gets over at the point where Katappa confesses that he is the one who killed Baahubali. The Film Maker smartly stopped the  movie at this point as this mystery was expected to create hype and yes it very much did. Meme’s have been made, articles have been written with possible scenarios as to why Katappa may have killed Baahubali but there is no need to fret anymore as the big mystery has been solved.

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Katappa Killing Baahubali

According to a post on IBN Khabar, that the second part begins exactly at the point where the second part ends. Katappa tells Shiva (Prabhas) why he killed Baahubali or Shiva’s Father.

It is all too well known that Katappa is a servant of the Maheshmati Kingdom and even his ancestors served the throne with their life.

It would do well to remember Kaalkeya, the ugly looking guy leading the war in the first part against Baahubali’s kingdom. During the war, Rajmata announces whosoever from Baahubali or Bhallaldeva would get Kaalkeya’s head would become king.

The ugly looking guy obviously dies and Baahubali is anointed king for saving his people during war as well as killing Kaalkeya’s men.

After becoming king, Baahubali falls in love with Devasena as does Bhallaldeva.

Devasena Warrior princess

Rajmata announces whosoever wants to marry Devasena would have to leave the kingdom and expectedly, Baahubali agrees. Bhallaldeva does not want to lose the opportunity and chooses to become king.

This is when Ugly Man Kaalkeya’s son comes to avenge his father’s death and attacks Maheshmati kingdom. When Baahubali finds out he returns to his kingdom to protect it.

Bhallaldeva gets insecure assuming Rajmata may forgive Baahubali and orders Katappa, the faithful servant of the throne to kill Baahubali and THAT is why KATAPPA killed BAAHUBALI.

Just by the way, that is the story till intermission. Now spend some money and watch the rest of the movie next year.