Kathua Case : Court decision on CBI probe will be respected, says Naeem Akhtar


Minister for Public Works Nayeem Akhter on Saturday said that called upon the youth to shun the path of militancy as paths shown by prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his followers are far better routes that take Muslims to heaven.

According to the KNS correspondent, talking to reports in Srinagar Akhter said called upon the youth to shun the path of militancy. He said “there are better ways for Muslims to reach heaven and no better ways than shown by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Hazrat Shah-e-Hamadan and Hazrat Sheikh-Ul (RA) can take mulsims to heaven. Neither Prophet Muhammad (SAW) nor his followers attracted non muslim to Islam by force and violence is not solution to any problem but route to death and destruction. I appeal youth to shunt the path of militancy and other forms of violence”.

When asked about the killing of youth over whom a forces vehicle ran the Minister said “case has registered against the driver and investigation has been started. Law will take its own course”. He said the parents of SOG, Ikhwan –an organisation of renegades can’t deliver sermons on the alleged excesses and claimed unlike past army withdraws from the localities when protests are staged in volatile areas.”

When asked about the demand for CBI inquiry Akkter said “demand for CBI inquiry into Kathua minor rape case has no merit.

Proper investigation under the close supervision of J&K High Court has been completed and charge sheets have been file. Some people have knocked the doors of Supreme Court and whatever verdict Supreme Court delivers the government will implement that. Not politician bur the higher judiciary has to decide the fate of the case now. No hue and cry will work”. (KNS)


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