Kathua Case : Easy to call CBI in Kashmir, why not in Jammu?


Dogri Swabhiman Rally on Sunday in Hiranagar is an answer all those who labeled Dogras of Jammu region as ‘Pro-Rapist’, hate-mongers, communal people with bigoted mindset and accused Dogras of creating hurdles in delivering Justice in Rasana rape and murder mcase.
We are demanding CBI Inquiry in the Rasana Case since people of Jammu region have raised serious questions on the manner in which Crime Branch of Jammu and Kashmir Police has conducted the probe. They have serious doubts. They are aggrieved and agitated. They are heart-broken and angry. They are appalled over the silence of the state government. They are perplexed why they are not being heard? Why their side of the story is not being taken into account? The manner in which their demand for CBI inquiry is being declined does raise questions on the claims of the state government delivering Justice and being fair with Jammu region.
Discrimination persists. We are not heard. Our emotions and feelings have no takers. We are applauded for our secularism and patience. We are expected to tolerate worst kind of discrimination and regionalism. We are expected to stay silent and accept every slur without raising our voice. Demand for CBI probe in Rasana case is being interpreted as a miscarriage of Justice for the reasons best known to those who ordered CBI probes as and when they found situation going out of Hand in Kashmir valley, where we are fighting both terrorists and separatists.
This was stated by Ex-Minister Choudhary Lal Singh in a statement issued here today. “I ask why did the state governments in the past approached CBI for cases where they found public opinion divided and people agitated in Kashmir valley. Why was CBI approached by the state government in 2003 Pathribal case, 2006 Kashmir Sex Scandel, 2009 Shopian Rape and Murder, and killing of 4 Air Force officers in the year 1990? High Court of Jammu and Kashmir handed over the investigation of the 2008 Mehran Latif Case to CBI. If the agency was trustworthy in the cases pertaining to Kashmir valley, why the same is being questioned in this Rasana Case? Jammu is asking and those in power should respond and give people straight answers.” said Choudhary Lal Singh.
If the state government trusted its own police and Crime Branch, why these cases were handed over to CBI? Why? Why is the state government sure that the probe carried out by Crime Branch is fair when it was not sure about it in the past? Why we have dual parameters, one for Kashmir and other for Jammu. I do understand that communalizing Rasana Case would help those who have been virtually rejected by people of Kashmir valley. They are trying to find lost ground in Kashmir by rejecting demand for CBI probe in the Rasana case. Their approach is communal and one with biased mindset not ours, said Choudhary Lal Singh.
“We will not let them succeed. We won’t let them destroy the secular fabric of Jammu region. The demand for CBI probe is not that of people belonging to a particular community but every Dogra wants CBI probe in the Rasana case, said the ex-Forest Minister. Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians of Jammu region are unanimously asking why desist from ordering a CBI probe if those who have been booked by Crime Branch of Jammu and Kashmir are the real perpetrators of the ghastly crime. Will CBI not take into the account evidence which the Crime Branch has produced? They will. So why shy away from ordering CBI probe? More than anyone else, it is the Dogras of Jammu who were called pro-rapists who want the perpetrators of this crime be hanged publicly and better would be in Rasana only,” said Choudhary Lal Singh.
Those who have committed this crime cannot be humans. If state government ordered CBI probe to bring order and restore confidence of people of Kashmir valley, why it is shying away from doing the same in Jammu region. People are on the roads. Some are sitting under the shade of a tree, some are writing on the facebook, some have taken to twitter to register their protest and some are fighting in the courts. What the entire region wants is CBI probe?, said Choudhary Lal Singh.
“An impression is being created that the demand for CBI probe is aimed at getting the 8 people who have been booked by the Crime Branch bailed out. Those creating this impression from Kashmir valley should look inwards and ask themselves if to remove misgivings and doubts from the minds of people and get Justice, cases were handed over to CBI, why our demand is being seen as communally motivated? If CBI was a credible institution when the cases from Kashmir were to be probed, why it is not a trustworthy institution when the case is from Jammu region? Didn’t you applaud CBI for Pathribal probe? These dual parameters give an impression that state government has two set of rules, one for Kashmir and other for Jammu region,” said Choudhary Lal Singh.
Let me make it clear that Dogras of Jammu region would not rest till the time state government does not recommend CBI probe in the Rasana case. The blot on the face of brave Dogras that we are pro-rapists has to be washed and Justice has to be delivered to the 8 year old whose murder has united the people of Jammu region. We Dogras have pledged that real perpetrators of this crime would not be spared. We would ensure that they are hanged publicly. What more does the state want? Daughter of one of the accused has said that if after CBI probe, his family is found involved, hang them publicly but bring CBI and let the agency do the probe. What more do you want, said Choudhary Lal Singh?
He said “Dogra Swabhiman rally on May 20 is aimed at telling the whole world that brave Dogras of Jammu region would never stand for Rapists and Murders. “Our demand is CBI probe. Our premise is that if the government does not trust Crime Branch for probes in Kashmir valley, why thrust the same agency on us? Why force us to accept the probe done by Crime Branch? Why should people not doubt the probe when High Court was approached for monitoring the Crime Branch probe?. All had doubts and still have doubts. The entire Jammu region is looking at the state government with the hope that it would reconsider its stand and order a CBI probe.”
“The anger is increasing with each passing day. People are agitated. My appeal to every Jammuite is to Join me on May 20. I would start walking by foot from Lakhanpur and after covering 36 kilometers by foot shall pay homage to the 8 year old little angle at Kootah in Hiranagar. The little angle was snatched from us by enemies of humanity. I would bow my head before the departed soul and seek blessings from her for getting Justice for her. I won’t rest till Justice is not delivered in this case,” said Choudhary Lal Singh. She was not a Bakkarwal girl but a goddess who has united entire Jammu region for getting Justice for her, said Choudhary Lal Singh.
Choudhary Lal Singh appealed “Join me at Lakhanpur for a 35 kilometer long walk for Justice through CBI inquiry. Jammu should wake-up before it is too late. Make Chalo Hiranagar call a success. Let us all unite, leaving our religion, region, caste and colour aside. We have to ensure that the perpetrators of this crime are hanged. And further ensure that the country as well as international community apologises to the Dogras for calling us Pro-rapist”