KATHUA CASE : Investigative reporting & CCTV footage of accused Vishal trashes JK CB chargesheet


With Kathua rape and murder case getting yet another sensational twist, Defence lawyer Ankur Sharma, who is representing five of the eight accused on Tuesday claimed the recent expose by a national TV news channel has clearly exposed the ‘botched up’ investigation by the Crime Branch Special Investigation Team.

Sharma alleged the investigation has been ‘politically’ motivated and based on fabricated evidences to target members of a particular community.

Talking to reporters here, Ankur Sharma said only a professional investigation by a central agency can deliver justice to the minor girl.

Ankur Sharma claimed if any central agency (CBI or NIA) would take up investigations in the case the entire mystery surrounding the case would be unraveled and the culprits will be identified.

He congratulated the team of the national TV channel for working on the story and bringing startling facts to light, which demolish the theory of Crime Branch team. He said some time divine intervention plays a significant role and in this case too thousands of people are standing with the families of accused because they know Crime Branch has carried out investigation with a motive to frame them.

CCTV footage of one of the accused in the infamous Rasana rape and murder case, Vishal Jangotra, which was aired by a national television channel Monday, has trashed the chargesheet filed by the crime branch and embarrassed the agency which is already under scanner.

The national television channel aired the footage of Vishal jangotra while he was standing in a queue inside an ATM kiosk at Meerapur in Muzzaffarnagar, where he was pursuing his college.

The date and time recorded by the CCTV camera completely belied the claims made by CB in the chargesheet, wherein it reported that the accused was in Rasana on the said date at the same time.

While CB claimed in its chargesheet that accused Vishal Jangotra boarded train from Ghagwal on the 15 of January at 4 PM, the CCTV footage, which was identified and confirmed by the family of the accused showed that Vishal was present in the ATM kiosk at 3 PM, for the next few minutes till he completed his transaction.

Investigations confirmed that the accused used the ATM card of her sister and he withdrew an amount of Rs. 1000/- out of Rs. 300/- which were deposited in the said account the same day.

The sister of the accused disclosed that since her brother did not have a PAN card, he could not procure a debit card of his own.

Meanwhile, the CCTV footage has badly smashed the CB chargesheet according to which, Accused Vishal Jangotra reached Rasana on the 12th of January, the deceased was raped and murdered on the 13th and after disposing off the dead body of the deceased, the accused left for Meerut on the 15th of January.

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