KCCI hails decision to treat hotels, Resorts at par with industries for power tariffs


The President Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Inc), Mr. Javid Ahmad Tenga has hailed the Minister of Finance, J&K Syed Altaf Bukhari on the issuance of Govt. Order No267-FD of 2018 Dated:30-05-2018 in which sanction has been accorded to the treatment of hotels and resorts at par with Industries in so far as power tariff is concerned.

The decision was long awaited after the Tourism sector was declared as industry as long back as in 1995 and the government had of late  included it in 2018-19 budget announcement to treat hotels/resorts at par with industries.

This will give a great relief to the Hotel industry which has been suffering due to decline in tourist inflow over the past several years.

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