Keep Calm Jammu And Get Set To Witness The Make-Up Revolution With Dr. Ronisha



Here is a saying that goes, life cannot be perfect but the good news is your looks surely can be and Dr. Ronisha Khajuria is all set to change the demographics of the makeup and beauty industry in the state with the launch of her makeup streak blending the most up to the date international makeups with her understanding of the native skin and using her acumen with a sense of style bringing about the perfect makeup and the perfect look for the woman of Jammu and Kashmir.

Dr. Ronisha, CEO, dé Spa Studio Jammu is surely one to watch. With the cavernous passion and drive to give the perfect desired look not only to the brides but other women before her, she is definitely standing tall and exhibiting how the beauty industry can evolve with keeping pace with the times. Having worked with country’s leading makeup artist, Meenakshi Dutt and clearing her certifications in various make up styles, Ronisha continue to appraise her journey to deliver nothing but the best.

Dr. Ronisha, has been in the beauty industry for a while now and before she mastered the art of providing the right make up, she has been making over beautiful smiles. Coming from the dentistry background, Dr. Ronisha is a qualified surgeon and always has been fascinated by the idea of giving women the look they desire with all authentic and safe manner. Using the process of her draw to the fashion and makeup world as her inspiration, Dr. Ronisha has created her own style and went to embark on the journey to create the appearance of flawless skin and accentuate the rest of the features as naturally as possible. Trained at Make Up Studio Academy, Dr. Ronisha possess the knowledge on the famous and high end brands including Anastasia Beverly Hills, HUDA Beauty, Tarte cosmetics, Stilla cosmetics, LA girl London, Hoola benefit cosmetics, Nars and more and is excited to share benefits of the same with Jammu divas.

Speaking of her experience working and learning from fashion figures like Meenakshi Dutt and others who are highly acclaimed in India and globally, Dr. Ronisha feels that “All women are beautiful in their own ways even without makeup, but with the right makeup, they not only enhance their looks but are empowered in some manner. I seek to accomplish that empowerment and satisfied look and to each his own which could be very different from person to person and their personality in total which makes me focus on the complete picture-the most appropriate style, cosmetics and the right make up look for each person. Each element should be synergistic to create a unique portrait of total beauty and great style.”

Dé Spa Studio Jammu has always set a distinct mark and the team’s work dedication and excellence surely leaves a trail for others to follow. Dé Spa  Studio is the most preferred beauty destination in Jammu and Kashmir and have worked for leading models, fashion pageants, and model agencies in the past. This level of determination has made many names in the beauty industry praising the services of the most sought out beauty abode.


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