Kejriwal says no need, but gets Z-category security

kejriwal-New Delhi/Ghaziabad : Fourteen police personnel have been deployed to protect Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal after the Uttar Pradesh government approved Z-category security cover for him.

The Delhi chief minister resides in Uttar Pradesh, in an apartment at Girnar Tower at Kaushambi in Ghaziabad.

The chief minister, however, continued to maintain that he has no need for security.

“We have deployed two personal security officers (PSOs) of sub-inspector rank, who are assisted by eight security guards. An escort vehicle, consisting of four security personnel, headed by a head constable, has also been provided by Ghaziabad police,” Circle Officer Kamlesh Bahadur of the Local Intelligence Unit (LIU) said.

However, the Delhi chief minister said: “As long as the “aam aadmi” of the country have no security, I too do not require it. I have said numerous times that I do not require security of either Delhi or Uttar Pradesh Police.”

Ghaziabad police also deployed five men at the Aam Aadmi Party office in Kaushambi after Hindu Raksha Dal activists attacked it Jan 8, 2014, the circle officer said.

One thought on “Kejriwal says no need, but gets Z-category security

  • January 14, 2014 at 12:41 pm

    Transferring Cancer ?

    Arvind Kejriwal’s order to transfer 800 officers of Delhi Jal Board to other departments , is like trying to cure cancer by transferring it from one part of the body to another part !

    At worst , these officers will end-up spreading their corrupt practices to those other departments

    At best , those other departments now will have , twice to thrice the number of tables to push the files around !

    Their current departmental efficiency / productivity of 10 % will further go down to 5 % !

    Perhaps , in the short term , Arvind had only this alternative to send out a message

    What should he do next ?

    Here is a suggestion :

    > Invite National Productivity Council to carry out TIME & MOTION studies
    and WORK-SAMPLING studies , to set STANDARD TIMES for all activities
    / processes

    > Get IIT -Delhi , to monitor the individual and departmental efficiencies
    ( Ratio of Actual Times / Standard times )

    > Publish findings on Delhi Government web site

    > Get IIM-A , to develop / install , a Performance Appraisal System based
    on ANNUAL OBJECTIVE SETTING exercise for each officer

    > Incorporate , elements of ” Self Appraisal ” / ” Superior Appraisal ” and
    ” Peer Appraisal ”

    > Serve ” Show Cause Notice ” to those officers whose productivity is less
    than 80 % of the standard in any quarter

    > In Service Rules incorporate a clause to terminate the service of a officer
    whose productivity falls below 50 % for two consecutive quarters

    Over the next 12 months , this exercise should be carried out for all the departments of Delhi government

    This is a pre-requisite to the introduction of Guaranteed Delivery of Services Bill


    Cancer cannot be cured by transferring it from one part of the body to another

    The affected part must be amputated !

    * hemen parekh ( 14 Jan 2014 / Mumbai )


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