Key to Fashion


In the times of fashion bloggers, a lot of people have become fashion conscious. Many of them believe that being fashionable is a big deal. It is also believed that being rich is important for being fashionable. This belief is wrong. An averagely priced, nicely ironed shirt/kurta with a pair of comfortable jeans can do wonders if one carries them confidently. Anybody and everybody can be fashionable!

But a lot of people trying their hands at fashion fail. What makes them fail? Perhaps, an attempt to become somebody else? Looking fashionable expects one thing i.e. being confident the way one is. One can be confident only when one’s comfortable. When one wears something uncomfortable, he/she becomes more concerned about how he/she may be looking and ends up looking unimpressive.

Just for the purpose of being more acceptable by the fashion trends, people tend to overlook their true self and try to be someone else who, according to them, is trendier. This practice of trying to be more acceptable and get social validation is negative in many aspects. Nobody can belittle you as long as you accept yourself the way you are. There’s beauty in confidence which comes with comfort.

Learn to respect yourself enough that you wear clothes/accessories/makeup for your own self and not to please others. This goes for every gender alike!

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