Kharga Prahar: Major Army Training Exercise Concludes


A major training exercise “Kharga Prahar” was conducted by the Indian Army in Punjab from 27 May 2019 to 4 June 2019. This exercise was carried out in plains of Punjab by the units of Army’s Kharga Corps.

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The exercise successfully authenticated latest functional concept designed to deliver a spontaneous punitive blow to India’s enemy. The exercise reinforced the operational preparedness of the Kharga Corps and brought valuable lessons.

Joint Training was also part of the exercise as the Indian Air Force (IAF) components also participated. Para drops from IAF aircraft were carried out and simulated battlefield air strikes were conducted in support of ground forces in the exercise.

The Indian Army’s II Corps based in Ambala is known as Kharga Corps. It has its station in Ambala since 1985. In case war breaks out between India and Pakistan, it has the mandate to launch an offensive attack. Kharga Corps possess 50% of Indian Army’s offensive capabilities and it has proved an effective weapon in various wars when integrated with multiple military formations.

In 1971, Bangladesh Liberation War Kharga Corps was positioned in West Bengal and helped in the division of Pakistan. During the Kargil conflict in 1999, this elite force was deployed somewhere in the desert sector. These Corps have proved their competence and mettle from time to time.