I am not in favour of building composite colonies for Kashmiri Pandits: Kher



Noted film personality and social activist Anupam Kher on Saturday said if ever Article 370  which grants special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir would be abrogated Kashmir problems would be resolved soon.
Interacting with media persons  here at a press conference Kher said he was not in favour of constructing composite housing colonies in the Kashmir valley for Kashmiri pandits.
” Personally speaking i am not in favour of  building such housing colonies where we will have to co-exist.The ideal solution would be for the state and the centre govt is to build separate housing colonies for kashmiri pandits in order to rehabilitate them in Kashmir valley”.
Kher said let Kashmiri pandits settle themselves on  their own then both the communities can co-exist. He said if you are not safe inside your home  then you cannot live in the area.
Earlier, in the day Kher after inaugurating Jammu Literary festival also took a dig a the writers who were returning their awards alleging increasing intolerance in the country.
He said the season of award wapsi seems to be over after the culmination of Bihar Assembly elections
“Somehow I raise my voice about award wapsi. This was for the first time this has happened. I thought it was done in a much planned manner and after the Bihar elections, the season of award wapsi suddenly stopped,” he told reporters on the sidelines of a function.

“I always think that with the grace of God I have got many awards, even though the awards are given by an organisation, they represent the love and encouragement of the common people,” he said.

Kher said that the biggest intolerance should have been shown against the plight of the Kashmiri Pandits, that remained hidden from the site of the people who returned their awards.


The 60-year-old actor, who visited the Jagti Township of the Kashmiri Pandit on Friday, noted that he would be working on the return and rehabilitation of the community.Ker also visited famous Raghunath temple and performed special pooja praying for the early return of Kashmiri pandits to their homes and