Murkha Nand along with his disciple Mandh Budhi was busy in rescue operation in Kashmir. Both were providing all kinds of aid to the masses trapped in the mishap.They were carrying out all these activities through the boat which they had brought from their ashrama “ HASYA DHAM’.All of a sudden a black beard person, self proclaimed sympathiser of Kashmir, approached Murkha Nand and threatened him to stop the service , handover the boat & vacate Kashmir immediately. Murkha Nand smiled but Mandh Budhi protested & struggled.Mandh Budhi reacted to black beard man in anger ,” It is our private boat ,belongs to Asharamvasi,not provided by any Government whether Centre or State,Ashramvasi collected Chanda(donations) and deputed Guru –Chela, to work shoulder to shoulder with NDRF,to provide monetary & physical relief to Kashmirvasies in turmoil. Now,You are creating hindrance in our services to our brothers, sisters & children in trouble. who are you ?” The beard man was not expecting such strong reaction from Mandh Vudhi.He was in fix,what the step he should take to stop the popularity of both Chela & Guru which they were earning in the Inter-national forum & media by their selfless service & yeoman work. The beardman ordered his goons, In a confused state of mind, to start stone plating & snatch the boat from Guru & Chela.

Lastly,the beard man got success in throwing the Guru -Chella out of the boat and captured it.

Mandh Bhudhi asked Murkha Nand,” Guruji,What this beard man wants to prove.’’

Murkha Nand laughed ,”Nothing Baccha ….just digging their own well ”



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