Kicking and Punching is the new way to control traffic in Jammu

Image Courtesy - Amar Ujala

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The situation of traffic in Jammu city has not been the best in the country exactly and a lot of this credit can be given to those in the authority who are meant to keep the situation under control if not alteast in a good state. The traffic police in Jammu city or for that matter in Srinagar has not set the top examples of duty performance and the way traffic rules are violated in both the capitals reflects on how poorly the matters are handled. No free left lanes at signals, entry in the one way lanes, jumping signals, cops not wearing helmets and so on and so forth are just the common highlights of this issue.

A highly placed official in Traffic Police (in image) is setting a new trend in the way traffic is going to be controlled in the city from now on. Seemingly, being a traffic police superintendent can now give you the authority to kick and punch the commuters in the city who may be violating the rules an regulations.

Catching the violators is definitely the job of the police and once verified, the law of the land is to take its own course. Except SP Traffic has devised an absolutely novel way to curb the violations in the city. Now the policemen will have special lessons in Taekwondo and Kung-Fu to proper;y kick and punch the violators. These lessons are probably highly efficient as the idea is just to scare the violators but not inflict life threatening injuries to them.

Image Courtesy - Amar Ujala
Image Courtesy – Amar Ujala

If you are from Jammu and can see the ERA boards in the background, you can tell that this site is near the Bikram Chowk Flyover and on monday evening the Traffic Police had setup a barrier to catch the violators.The traffic cops stopped those flouting the rules and imposed fines and challans on them. At first sight, the passers by thought this a commendable job to improve the regrettable situation of traffic in the city.

However, things changed in no time when SP Traffic himself started engaging with the rule-breaking drivers and started kicking and punching them. It is not very long time ago when through a similar mistake allegedly by a traffic cop, two young boys had died on spot on Bhagwati Nagar bridge. The public-police relationship is a love to hate one and these incidents only add fuel to fire instead of bridging the gap.

The martial techniques are all but fine for shadow fight display. I thought earlier that the power to impose fines and taking to court was what rested with the police. Looks like now I have to join some Kung-fu or Jujitsu classes too, you know just in case. Any suggestions on where I can join them in Jammu?

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Who is going to catch these keepers of the law


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