Kicks and punches used to argue case at High Court Jammu


Jammu, July 27: Two Kashmiri Pandit families got into an ugly brawl at the Jammu High Court in Janipur. Visiting the court for the divorce of a couple, the two involved families were engaged in the fight for more than an hour.

As per the sources, the two families reached the the High Court early in the morning on Tuesday regarding the divorce. On their way out, the members of the family got into an verbal tiff and soon the dispute turned into physical assault. They started fighting insanely with each other, beating everyone and anyone, punching and kicking.
The policemen present in the High Court premises, tried to stop the fight and took both the families to the Janipur Police Station. As per SHO Janipur, both the families were charged under IPC Sections 107 and 51 and put behind bars.

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