Kill the informer, infiltrate 100: Pakistan’s plan in Kashmir REVEALED


On October 12, two terrorists were spotted at Sempura near Pantha Chowk in Srinagar. Two days four terrorists were spotted in the same area and they are believed to be part of the Jaish-e-Mohammad.

The gathering of intelligence over the past couple of months has repeatedly warned of more infiltration bids being made into the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The target is infiltrate 100 before the winter and park them in the state so that they could attack periodically.

If one goes by the pattern of killings in the past few days, it becomes amply clear that the terrorists are trying to wipe out the informants. A teacher, a police man and a sarpanch were killed in separate incidents over the past couple of days. This is a systematic pattern that is being noticed and the idea is to create fear and also wipe out the informants. The recent killings of terrorists has been precise in nature. This is thanks to very good ground level intelligence.

The people of the state as well as the local police are helping both the Intelligence Bureau as well the Army to identify terrorists and this has led to them being taken down. Moreover there is a deadline that the forces have given themselves to wipe out the top command before the winter sets in. Infiltrations are almost nil during the winter.

The Army feels that if the top command is wiped out before the winter, they could control the state and restore peace. In a bid to beat the Army, Pakistan has planned a huge influx of terrorists into the Valley.

They want to ensure that at least 100 are pushed into the state so that they could continue with attacks during the winter as well. In a bid to achieve this plan, the local terrorists have been told to identify and kill informers.

This they feel would cause panic among the people and they would distance themselves from the Indian establishment.


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