King Sidharth : 22-year-old, Entrepreneur, motivational speaker, writer


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 King Sidharth

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A very young passionate entrepreneur who grew up in a backward sector of Northern India and did his schooling in Baddi area of  Himachal Pradesh . He flunked in his 12th boards maths exam. After which ,he had a conversation with his dad about the college in which he is going to pursue higher studies. And he surprised him by questioning -why do you think i will go to any college? Later, in the gap year , he went to Chandigarh to pursue higher studies. He joined the college to do a bachelor’s degree in arts.

king sidharth

Deal or No deal?

It was a deal between a young curious mind and his father.

The deal was that he will go to the college for 1 year and then if he will not find it interesting, he is free to dropout. Talking about his college experience at multiple occasions he has said ,”I was learning fine arts and one day i went to submit my assignment, she looked at my drawing and then said ,” listen, do not to be too artistic and stop making this freaky stuff, examiner might not understand your intentions.” To which i replied ,”Who has put him there if he cannot understand the work of a first year student?” According to sidharth he was not  able to stand the amount of disinterest her teacher used to show while taking the class “ bna lo kya bnaoge aaj “. He had this idea in mind that if he is expected to attend 75% lectures besides submitting all the assignments on time, then why he should stand that kind of  vigour. He has always said that his college was hurting his career and he believes that the switch was the best thing he ever did in his life.

Do You ENJOY what you are doing?

Besides being an entrepreneur, he is an amazing writer and motivational speaker. He started his first magazine for teens with the name of Friendz when he was in 10th standard. At present times, most of his focus is on web designing and is working with INSTAMOJO.He speaks mostly about spirituality, meditation, focus, happiness. His favourite stories are about zen monks which are basically considered as a food for thought.


Arundhati Roy- The God of small things

J.R.R. Tolkien –The Hobbit

Srimad Bhagvad Gita  and he considers it inspiring but a philosophical textbook not a religious scripture.


Some amazing questions he often asks himself and suggests everybody to ask themselves and learn about their state of mind and where they are heading in their lives?

  • How I am feeling today? Does it feel natural to you?
  • Are you happy with what you are doing?
  • What did I do with my life?
  • Why are we like the way we are?
  • IF your dream was to become a writer, sportsperson, singer, dancer etc then you have not pursued your dreams? Doesn’t it feel odd to you? Will you not regret not fulfilling them when you will be on your deathbed?
  • How many of you have chosen your career by conscious choice and not by accident or under family pressure?
  • Why to accept life the way it is? Why not question it? Are we born to follow a predefined pattern? A doomed life?
  • Why everybody has to complete degrees and then get a job, earn money, get married and die? Is that all?
  • Are you ready to live such a boring life and then die one day without leaving a mark on this earth?
  • Would you like to blame others for the way your life turns out, whether good or bad?
  • Don’t you want to contribute anything to the society?

Success Mantra By King SIDHARTH

Wherever he goes, he tells a very simple success mantra to follow and live happily

ReadWriteTravel and Repeat

  • READING Reading alters life. It evokes emotions and have you ever noticed when you are reading a book, it actually brings out characters alive in your head , the reason being our brain cannot differentiate whether we are reading or actually experiencing that thing your brain. So, reading is important because it brings clarity in your thoughts. Let your mental matter be the focal point , the centre of attention instead of physical matter.
  • WRITING Writing is important for the simple reason that it makes you more aware about the state of your mind and clears out all the confusion which ultimately gives you more understanding about the ways you want to live your life. All the mirages and facades will be questioned? And that is the most important part of the journey- discovering the real self.

His writings : magazine for teenagers (Friendz) and a book about the intersection of spirituality and Science (the Bhagavad Gita and the Law of Attraction). In addition to this, he has made a movie ‘FRIENDZ’which depicts the life of an entrepreneur.

  • TRAVELLING Travelling is another factor which needs to be prioritised. Travel like a traveller not like a tourist. So did you get the difference between the two? No? Okay, let me explain. A person who has a particular destination in mind , maps, have booked the hotel or the one who have thoroughly researched about the place before visiting it can be termed as tourists wheras on the other hand we have travellers who explore on their own, who can chart their own course and  have their own way to go about it.


It is just about steering the course of your life, a stage which can be achieved by orientation of focus. Every human being on this planet have got 24 hours in their pocket still few people rule the economy. How? Why? Because they have learnt the technique to keep themselves focussed.  Time is unlimited for everyone, but only a few have mastered the skill to remain focussed. It can be gained through meditation and once you have it, it feels like magic- a personal power that you can access anytime.

The best start-up that you can work on is you.

But one thing which needs to be understood is that nobody can motivate or inspire you, even if they succeed to do so it won’t last long. Let’s put this in a simple way-

Motivation is more like arranged marriage where your parents force you to get married to a particular guy or girl.

On the other hand, Inspiration is synonymous to love marriage where nobody has to push you rather you convince others and make them realise what the other person means to you.

Convincing is not a big deal ,the key factor is to deliver what you have promised. And with every fulfilled promise ,you can stretch the sphere.

So? Yes! Inspire Yourself and maintain the focus, think deeper, explore .

Find what you love, try it, life will reward you.